What is Mediation?

Mediation is a process of dispute resolution where a neutral impartial person, the mediator, assists disputants (the parties) to resolve their dispute without going to court.

the mediator does not decide the issue nor resolve the problem, rather she facilitates and provides the opportunity for the parties to find their own solutions

As an attorney mediator, the mediator cannot give legal advice to either party, the mediator role is to provide legal information and to facilitate a resolution to the dispute, using her skills in communication, by assisting the parties to find out what is important to each, and providing the environment that allows the parties to be creative in their problem solving.

The mediation style used by Lisa Schenkel allows parties to:

  • retain dignity through open, cooperative and respectful discussions
  • find creative solutions
  •  learn effective communication and conflict resolution skills

Lisa strives to achieve acceptable resolutions for the disputants in a safe environment, giving their differing perspectives, emotions and conflict styles.